Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 6. Even me need some rest on weekends~

kkk. The title said it all.
I'm all worn out.
Wow, I was mentally & physically prepared, or I just thought I was..
but I never thought it'll be so tough.
The never ending staircases towards SAAS, the more and more staircases towards house.
Aigooooo.. I can tell my joints are all shacking weakly...
Went on shopping spree with Talia,Iylia & Dayah.
Bought so many stuff that we barely could fit it in Talia's car.
Ate at Barra,cheap! Food at Umi's also great & cheap!

Still doing my best reading the never ending articles..
Iylia seems to loooove reading,envy her..she doesn't mind reading a lot while me, having hard time trying to refocus after every hyperactive self,please learn to focus! F.O.C.U.S!

Let me tell some on my classes.
I'll be taking 6 subjects this semester.
And all 6 of them were made up of 3 long hours class..
Though we just meet the lecturer of each subject once a week, but it's 3 hours straight.
I hope the lecturers doesn't mind seeing my 'unable to focus' face...
Then the classes will be filled with presentations and presentations..
There's only little involvement by lecturers here at this stage.
They'll just give us topics and we have to critically discuss it.
Hopefully we are able to finish our course in just 10 weeks.
And hopefully we're able to finish our study on time and move on to next stage in the next 1.5 years. Amin.Fighting!!


  1. Fiqah sambung master ka? Good luck!~ :)

    1. @Kak Jaja! Lama menghilang..sihatkah? A'ah..sambung.. Thanks for the wish!! :D nt kalau dtg Shah Alam,roger la~


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