Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 15.Dodging the bullet!

Weekend was filled with sooooo much fun.
I never want it to end.
Since returning from kampung,
seeing all the assignments, I'm back to reality.
Ceehhhh,,banyak kot assignments...
PSA ni asyik duk pending jaaaa..
APA NAK JADI???? hoh

The PSA 721 slot is today.
But who'll be the presenter is still unknown until Dr Asmah calls out a group number.
Talia said today won't be our turn just yet.
Iylia and I, of course hoping & praying for the same thing.
Our presentation only halfway done..only 2 articles reviewed...
On our way to PSA's class,
Talia kept on saying that today wont be our turn...
Amin that, and it was not!
So as to enjoy this temporary joy,
we head to D'Steak House(if I'm not mistaken).
I had my fish & chips.
Yum..Happy tummy

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