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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ PERHENTIAN ISLAND 4.0 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tempted by this blog post, I made my way to the island again! 4.0 baby! Trekking trip! From Teluk Dalam, we trek our way to PIR, which was exhausting! Took us about 20 minutes..up and down the steep hill.. Then from there, we trek to the Coral View ( I believe so),  then trek forward to the other bay overlooking the Village.. It's where the Cozy,Mama's, New Cocohut, Tuna Bay, Abdul,etc chalets located. We specifically wanna be there by the time sun set,  because from many pictures I've seen in the internet,  the sunset view from there was stunning.. sure it does... well, if the storm doesn't hit us that day :/ Anyway..we still managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Stunning view ever!!
After a great dinner at Abdul's,  off we went back to our chalet at Teluk Dalam. It's kinda scary riding the boat in the dark night out at sea.
Jungle trekking at Perhentian Besar *crossed* Soon, Perhentian Kecil! :D

First Official Interview

As an accounting student, I had learnt a subject all-related to interview for a semester. Everything that I supposed to know about an interview had been taught to me. I've taken notes, I learnt to make resumes, few types of's all to prepare the student like me to the real-working world after I graduated... Yes,I'm all prepared.....
Or at least I thought so...

Couple months after I finished my bachelor degree, while most of my friend had been searching high and low for jobs, I decided to stay at home and enjoy my freedom first. Well... I've had fun,so much fun. Then I decided to join the hunt for job. My oh my...

My first ever official interview, if I had to rate it... I'll gave myself a 3.5 out of 10. Man, I felt like an idiot. Almost ran out of the office in shame! ==_=="

The position: Human Resource Manager

I knew nothing about this position and the silly me have not done any research on that matter.. Minutes before I my turn, I asked Min to Googl…