Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Official Interview

As an accounting student, I had learnt a subject all-related to interview for a semester. Everything that I supposed to know about an interview had been taught to me. I've taken notes, I learnt to make resumes, few types of's all to prepare the student like me to the real-working world after I graduated... Yes,I'm all prepared.....
Or at least I thought so...

Couple months after I finished my bachelor degree, while most of my friend had been searching high and low for jobs, I decided to stay at home and enjoy my freedom first. Well... I've had fun,so much fun. Then I decided to join the hunt for job. My oh my...

My first ever official interview, if I had to rate it... I'll gave myself a 3.5 out of 10. Man, I felt like an idiot. Almost ran out of the office in shame! ==_=="

The position: Human Resource Manager

I knew nothing about this position and the silly me have not done any research on that matter.. Minutes before I my turn, I asked Min to Google it out for me...
To make it worst, they asked me about the 'Akta Pekerja' which of course I have no idea what it's about. And I'm being brutally honest with them. Telling them with straight face that it's my first time hearing the Akta..... so on and so on...

And that's it... lesson learned!!!!
To do before job interview.
1.Prepare all the required documents.
2.Get to know the position,if u don't know,ask around,google it...
3.Be prepared to answer some of ridiculous Qs.
4.Confident is the key. Put your game face.
5.Be honest.If u don't know,then u don't know...don't make things up.
6.Practise makes perfect! Practise your lines, the ' tell me about yourself' answer.. because if u don't..ur mind could very easily went blank... like mine did.

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