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I Miss you so Much... Al-Fatihah

31st July marks the date my grandmother left me.. oh,it's been two years..
I remembered how i dropped to my knees hearing the news. Cried like a moron as if my world has crumbled before my eyes. Even now, sometimes I still couldn't really believe that you're not with us any more. 
For me,it's always feels like you're here next to me. I fight through the world with your words on back of my mind.
I love you and I miss you a lot. Al-Fatihah to you my dear grandma.


It's D-Day!
Ticketing Launching!
BIGBANG & YGe, you better be impressed by the dedications!
Here's some shots of how crazy it turns out.
 *No,I'm not Q-ing*

Everybody was so damn excited for the ticketing event.The Malaysian VIPz had been Q-ing since yesterday. It's kinda crazy and took mad commitment to overnite at the f88 in order to secure the best seats.Seriously, MyVIP daebak!
The VIPs that grab the tixs earliest. They've been Q-ing since yesterday's afternoon.

credit pics to: BB1st MyVIP various


me + groupon + money in bank = omghell.
True that. Remember last time I bought a tablet pc from groupon? It has reached me couple days ago. Now, I'm undecided over a underwater camera by KODAK.  Shall I buy it?? Here's the deal.  Now i have roughly 5 days to think about this. Hmm,to buy or not to buy??
So, lets ask our beloved 'bestfriend' aka Google!
What is GROUPON?
Google says:  Groupon is a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for consumers.  Every 24 hours, Groupon broadcasts an electronic coupon for almost everything, from a restaurant or store in your city, to the travel deals, and everything in between such as electronics, healthcare or shopping deals , while also offering you a 40% to 60% discount if enough group of consumer purchase that service or products.
Simply because we want to buy stuff at discounted price when the quota is fulfilled or because it's cheaper way to try new service or product. The wide range of service & products offers also gi…


~ 2nd Annual Girls' Meeting (AGM ) ~

Wow wow.
Perhentian Islands, I'm still mesmerized by you everytime.
If this aren't called love,then tell me what it is? :D

We don't talk crystal clear here, we talk about how breathtakingly awesome.
Crystal clear is not even the word to describe Perhentian Islands.

A week before Ramadhan, me & my girlfriends went to the island.
We've been planning to go there ever since my 1st trip.
Such a joy and pleasant 3d2n spent with the girls.
Had so much fun,and actually find ourselves reluctant to return home.

30minutes speedboat rides, we're away from the hustle & bustle of modern world.
Stayed at Samudera Beach Chalet at Teluk Dalam for a night,

and opted for Suhaila's Palace for a change.

Both chalet were perfect for our not-so-big budgets, and both offers best sea-view.

We didn't stay at Kecil as we planned earlier, because we heard that it could get wild in Kecil at night time. Being 3 girls, we decided to stay at B…


Can you believe??? 

This 5 talented guys are coming to our land soon????
RITS (Rising Into The Sun) , the organizer for BIGBANG's tour in Malaysia had issued the details out yesterday. I was so shocked because it's sooo out of the blue. *(sarcastic) Yes, 19th June ago they announced that details will be out in 2 weeks, and time passed but nothing came. So I thought, hmm,maybe they just wanna troll us. 
Then came the great long-anxiously-awaited announcement! Adding more speciality to this concert, It will be the first outdoor concert accross SEA for BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012! How cool is that cool???? The concert will be held at the very much historic 'Stadium Merdeka' with gorgeous KLCC setting as the background, I bet it'll be awesome!

The price details:
CAT 1 : RM 688 (VVIP,SEATING FOR 600 ninja-est of person,me gusta!!!) [tickets that will offer the best views and closest proximity to the stage] (I wonder who'll be able to seat,hmmp)
CAT 2 : RM 588 (PREMIER…


The deal is ON! GO GO GO!  GRAB ONE, IF NOT TWO OR THREE UNITS OF  THE 7 inch 1.2Ghz Android 2.3 Tablet PC on sale for up to 67% off!  Click away!  ~THE DEAL~

Hongdae's Edition

I'll forever be sharing the pictures from my Korea trip. xD
Here's Hongdae Edition!
Love this part of the Seoul's metropolitan <3
It's so quiet and calm during the days and so much fun when night comes.
Surrounded by young,fresh,artistic and cool vibes,
one could really feels the young Seoulites life here.
Cafes here and there to cater the kafein-lovers,
come winter night or warm spring night, 
street performers could be easily spotted.
I love Hongdae and would probably want to stay there again,
during my next-next-next trip *hopefully*

NEVER SECONDS - a twist on luncheon!

One bright day, my sister and I were having small-silly talk about the blogging ideas. We're never the creative bunch. That's why our blog been boring as heck.
Some blog that we've bumped before had a really cool ideas.
We thought how on earth they'd come up with that?!

And among all blog that she told me,
I was so excited to learn about a blog that put a new twist on lunch.
Blog by little girl about her school lunch.
How awesome is that?
It's called NEVER SECONDS 
I wonder why Never Seconds?
Was it for never seconds she thought she'd make a change?
Check her blog out, and see yourself the changes she's able to make.