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How many days does spring last?

How many days does spring last?
It was April, it was spring. We spent a good 10 days in South Korea for the training.
This year, I embarked on yet another career path. As a freelance travel agent. Destination, South Korea. The opportunity knocked while working for ARI. Due to super duper fluctuation over the exchange rates,  this year ARI has decided to bring their annual training, which usually held in the UK to the South Korea. The person in total charge, ahem, of course Mek Kelate :) It's rather a bloodcurdling experience as far as I could recall. I was put in charge on the whole aspect from  buying those tickets, to planning the itinerary to communicating with Korean side, to booking University Hall, to determine the activities to be done, simply put, I had to take care of everything,from A to Z.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Korean-Muslim community for their extraordinary involvement to make sure we have a great time in South Korea. 

I can't imagine handl…