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Job Hunting , Me...

Ramadhan,done. Raya..not just yet,but done for me..
A jobless me is bored... and feels like embarking job-hunting..
I have a Bacc Degree in Accountancy.. (holla at me if you need me) and i Love traveling.. currently falls hard for Perhentian Island after few trips, and kinda develop passion to conserve it I kept on thinking... how do I mesh-up those two things???

Thanks Akak Zarina!

A parcel with Korean Wording. Yay I received it yesterday!
But there's more than just Etude House stuff,gift? Thanks anyway akak :D

GDRAGON is back~ Hello. yessir I'm ONE OF A KIND

DOPE! G-Dragon is back.

English Translation: I’m just wild and young
I’m just wild and young
Do it just for fun (Hello) My name is me and choice
(Hello) Yes sir, I’m one of a kind
I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks¹ — no, more like a fox²
(Hello, hello, hello) Yes sir, I’m one of a kind
I’m an annoying snob
Cause I’m quite expensive
(Get out) Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you?)
Ah, I’m just bored (hello?)
Yes hyung, yes noona, (what’s wrong with you?)
I’m sorry that I’m so popular I’m there at just one phone call, number 1988-0818
Someone try to hold me back, I’m ranked number one
(or: Everone knows me, I’m number one trouble maker in the celebrity world)
Because I’m different, because that’s me!
because no matter what I do, chaos ensues
because i make trend, because i change everything
This talent will never leave me Get back, are you kidding with me? Young and rich — that describes me
So I’m fast so what is okay
Are you kidding me?
I’m not kidding you (Hello) Yes sir, I…

Kinda heartbreaking..

I saw a picture today..
Kinda heartbreaking..
Seeing him in sitting in between SOME STRANGERS,not us..
Well,kinda my fault...why do search for his picture..
I can't help it..
He didn't even wish us 'Selamat Hari Raya'..
So I guess...
It might be best if we shall start erasing memories of him from our mind?
Because he simply didn't care

♥ ♥ ♥ PERHENTIAN ISLAND 3.0 ♥ ♥ ♥

I know..I know.. I know..
I must be in love with this place.
Heavenly.. I'll miss it dearly.

Perhentian Island,
3rd time this year.

Happy Birthday to Me :D

It's my birthday, 4th Aug. Alhamdulillah.  Thanks for all the wishes for those whom wish. And thanks a bunch for the gift. Mom,siblings even Restoran Syakila treat me iftar today..Thanks again xD
I wish and pray for a better year ahead for all of us. Getting a decent result for this semester was my greatest gift to myself. After so long, finally, I get to see 3 again. Surely the hardwork paid off. Thanks to beloved lecturers & friends.
Actually there's so many thing that I'm intended to write, however,that was like hours ago, while I was driving.. Now,my mind is MONG-BLANK. haha.  So,yeah. Happy birthday to me! Sincerely, a happy me. (^____^)