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Korea, the land of Winter Sonata

Korea is geographically situated in a temperate climate zone at medium latitude. As a result, it has four distinct seasons. In general, spring is from March to May, summer from June to August, autumn from September to November, and winter from December to February. 
And now it's that time of the year again-WINTER, where Korea turns into a winter wonderland. In winter, the days are shorter and the mountainous regions are covered with snow. Though the weather can be brutal, put on your winter coat and enjoy South Korea! There are many things to do exclusively in winter and definitely worth every single Won, and I personally LOVE LOVE WINTER KOREA!
1. Eat! Eat! Eat!
When in South Korea during winter, don't forget to warm up with the oh-so-many glorious street food! Some of them are even serve exclusively during winter only!' Savory and sweet winter street foods like bungeoppang, hotteok, baked sweet potatoes, and hoppang, just to name a few, are all-time favorite snacks for K…

My Strabismus Story : Part 2

(Eye-Eye Captain! This is the continuation from the part one . It took me almost a year later to blog about this life-changing experience. My life has been better since the operation.)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the quote said. But what if your eyes are the reason you're  afraid of having eye contact with others, low self-esteem and poor socializing skills just because people seems to not understand you. You speaks the proper language, you dresses to impress but nothing is working. Life is miserable. Well at least that what I felt while living with strabismus.
I wasn't even born with it. It developed when I was about 10-11 years old. As a child growing up with strabismus, it certainly was not fun. The hurtful feeling whenever I talked to somebody, and they keep on looking behind their back because they thought I was looking at others behind them, instead of them. Thus, I stopped talking to others, I stop making new friends. I protect myself from being hurt by oth…

11:11 Promosi buku kebaboom!

Sempena tarikh 11:11 atau lebih famous dengan gelaran hari Pokki sedunia ni,  Book Cafe ada buat promosi tau!  Siapa ulat buku aka hantu novel kat sini?  Come on! Come on!  Ada pelbagai diskaun sehingga 80% untuk buku-buku terpilih  dan jangan bimbang, koleksi buku dorang..banyakkkk!  Hantu buku, bakal ulat buku, ibu bapa yang nak cari buku untuk anak-anak  pun boleh la check it out! tak rugi !!
Book Cafe!

Discovering Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap = Angkor Wat Most absolutely right! That's the synonym of Siem Reap.
Day 1 Our flight AK 542 left Malaysia for Siem Reap at 6.50am. We landed around 8.30am local time.
Right after landing, our driver, Safy already waiting for us
First view of Siem Reap town. Wow, dirt road and whatnot. Our first destination was the Tonle Sap Lake to check out the water village
Ticket is USD 15 per person.  An additional USD 5 if you choose to ride on the small boat at the village.  We opted not to.

Floating Village of Kampong Phlouk
We checked in at our hotel afterward.  Had a nice rest before heading out to Night Market / Old Market We had our dinner at Muslim Kitchen Family Restaurant, just nearby the market. USD 28 dinner for 7 was reasonable & affordable. I tried Khmer food : Spicy soup & sour soup. Sedap!
Day 2:  Temple Hopping USD 37 per person -  1 Day Pass
First stop - Angkor Thom. Our luck, it was cloudy and grey that day 😌

Road Trip to Krabi

Previously I went to Krabi with my ARI's fellows. Feeling super excited about showing Krabi to my family back in Kelantan, we decided to go on an impromptu trip there. The first time, we weren't fully prepared, but we went anyway. Driving around Thailand was rather an easy breezy experience because the Thai police won't kacau you and the road is like straight most of the times πŸ˜‰
We started our road trip pretty late that day mainly because we got the idea pretty late too. It was already dark when we entered Thailand through Sg. Golok immigration gate. Our first stop was City of Hatyai. We spend a night in Hatyai City since we arrived almost midnight. We opted for Kosit Hotel - cheap, strategic location, spacious room & free parking available! The next morning, we roamed the street of Hatyai in search for good halal breakfast. We found a 'Kelantan Restaurant' that already serving breakfast although it was so very early.

Then, we hit the road again! Our next sto…