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Sebenarnya dalam pencarian buku "Lost & Found" aka "Hilang & Jumpa". Tak semena terjumpa lah satu kedai buku online. Ini sudah bagusss! Saya ni bukannya hantu buku atau ulat buku punnn.. buku teks sekolah & uni dulu-dulu pun, jarang khatam.. Bila dihantar oleh Acik sebagai wakil ke Big Bad Wolf,  alamakkk,macam ikan jalan atas darat jadiknya..
Tapi bila terjumpa kedai buku online ni rasa menarik pulak. So, ape lagi,..sharing2 sajee menawarkan ribuan tajuk buku terbaik dalam Bahasa Melayu. ada diskaun berganda,  penghantaran PERCUMA ke seluruh Malaysia  servis yang cekap & mesra untuk para pelanggan. Kalau kata buku rosak, katanya akan diganti. PERCUMA, okeeeii! pastuuuu ada jugakk Hadiah buku & kejutan istimewa
sooo ape lagi! JOM ke BOOK CAFE! 50% DISKAUN BUKU TERPILIH Jangan lupa sign up, manfaat berganda2!

Optimisticly Jobless

Currently I'm taking break from my position as RA at ARI.  Hopefully I'll be inspired to edit many of the drafted post I have.
Jobless hopefully not hopeless.
My health have been deteriorate since I'm working as RA. This job, although sounded so easy breezy trust me, it's gonna eat you up someday. Seated almost 12 hours a day, I got bloated! not to mention staring at the PC monitor all day long, driving across the country to attend meeting (or actually as driver only), last trip where I have to carry around gigantic luggage, my back pain was unbearable anymore, hence I took off.
As now, for my pocket money, I focuses on my online business and baking. Say what, I bake! I'm a self-taught baker and I tried baking because  I miss the brownies from Kartika Sari. hehe

Bandung oh Bandung

This post should have been posted late last year, but I've been busy handling so many projects up until now.
Late last year, I had the chance to participate in the FourA Conference.  Indonesia, specifically the Department of Accounting,  from Faculty of Economic Universitas Indonesia was the event's main organizer. It was the 16th Annual Conference of the Asian Academic Accounting Association,  where the participants discussed on issues related to ACCOUNTING FRAUD, CORRUPTION AND EARNINGS DECEPTION.  The events was held on Nov 15-18, 2015 at Holiday Inn Hotel, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
Over the course of 3 days, I managed to visit some of Bandung top attractions.
1. Accommodation: We chose Progo Hotel.  Booked family room ( 2 single beds & 1 queen) -Spacious,  inclusive of free breakfast & free wifi,  the location; strategically among & within walking distance to many factory outlets. Value for money- Recommended! Bandung is a heaven for foodie like me. So ma…