About Me

Before anything, I'm a girl, a Muslim, a daughter, a sister,a friend, a lifelong student and YES,a fangirl~ 

a simple,kinda flexible minded girl. 
through this medium i'd like to share a piece of my mind, 
the blog's gonna be simple and i'll be posting random things that i like only!
 I enjoy my life & wanted to live it to the fullest!
i love travelling,had the chances to travel here & there 
& wish to go to more places in the future!
 i love adventure & outdoor activities too! 

i Love ♥Lee Seunggi♥ ,
1박2일  is my weekly drugs of laughter !!!
♥ i'm a 빅뱅 fan~so called ♥♫[V.I.P], 
and i do really love 2NE1 too,
well, mostly, I ♥ YGe aka YG Family 
as well as the JYJ

I'm a student, done with my Bachelor Degree in Accountancy,
and now maybe just maybe negotiating pursuing my Master.
 live life~love life~ 
~welcome! read,comment and share your thoughts/ideas with me~

anything more? ask me