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Rather interesting read~College Majors That Are Popular~

Source Yahoo Education:
'College Majors That Are Popular'
here's the link , go !

tehee,here comes the rather interesting parts.

Stated that Bachelor of Accounting (BACC) is one of the 'Popular Degrees Among Employers'.
This statement follow suits:

"Bachelor's in Accounting: If you're good with numbers, you might want to consider earning a bachelor's in accounting. Nearly 62 percent of the organizations surveyed by NACE said they planned to hire accounting grads. And 100 percent of accounting firms said they were preparing to hire new employees.
Potential career and average salary: Accountant, $68,960* "

And then again,it was mentioned as one of "Popular Degress in Growth Industries".

"Bachelor's in Accounting: There's a reason that the NACE study found that so many employers were planning to hire accountancy grads. According to the Department, the accounting industry will have a 22 percent job growth by adding almost 300,000 posi…

A Slightly Highlighted Me ^_^

Kekeke, in my previous entry, there's a clueless me.
After asking-searching around, I'm highlighted~well,even slightly! See,asking always the best policy. Like,ask and you shall get an answer (?) Before this I was so unsure about many-banking related things,
but then after few trips to bankS, of course now understood it better.
Changed my CIMB card to CIMB debit card (Mastercard),also am now a customer to RHB Bank, via Tesco-RHB Debit Card (Visa).
kekeke,I'm sure not so clueless anymore :P

A clueless me ?_?

The title says it all. Remember how I've been dreaming on attending BigShow 2012?
Well oh well, the ticket will be on sale this 31st Jan,1st Feb & 2nd Feb on G-Market.
Ok,that still well,sort of okay.
Then comes the problem..Payment Method=Paypal.
I never ever use it and also fortunately unfortunate I doesn't own any credit card.
So a clueless me was trying to figure out how the heck Paypal operates with Malaysian local debit cards.
And gotten even more clueless, and started to feel hopeless.It would've been better if i had somebody in Korea to buy those tickets.. Again,unfortunately I don't have anybody :(
Aigoo ya, tomorrow I will go to local bankS and will be asking them regarding this Paypal thingy.
RHB Bank seems to have something special with Paypal,so might as well pays RHB Bank a visit.
Until then, bbyong!

p/s: A me is now very excited at the same time afraid,scared and everything mixed together about SK trip.^^

Panicked!! :O

Korea trip update!
As you may (or may not) already know,
one of the many purposes of I'm going to Korea,
is to attend BIGBANG's BIG SHOW concert.
It's like a dream of every VIPs.
However, YGE was really late in giving out the date this time.So,I actually took the matter on my own, and booked flights that I thought within the range of BIGSHOW's date. Range that I gave to myself was around late Jan to late Feb. That's when YGE usually hold the concert. Phew,what was I thinking..wait,or what was YG thinking?! And tadaaa,the date is finally out! Well oh well, YG,you trolled hard! grrr The dates given was 2nd,3rd and 4th of March :o *panic attacked* My flight back home was booked on 2nd March!! Grrrr I managed to book it at promo price,with total of 261 000 won for two(included 15kg-no meals).
Okay, however I think that's going to change! I'll have to change the international flight date, as I want to attend the concert. I've checked and it's gonna cost me a bo…


Hello everyone ^^ See the title? 'WHAT'S UP' It's actually the drama,Korean drama that I'm currently watching. At first,I started watching because of Daesung of BIGBANG is one of the casts. But then,after an episode,I'm totally hooked! Too bad it's not aired on the usual KBS/SBS/MBC station,but at MBN. The story of young adults dealing with the world. It's quite an interesting drama. Darker,fun,young,vibrant,musical,full of life.. Here's the link to the 1st episode recap, HERE. Keke,I especially remember the 'pump,pump,pump' scenes. Remember seeing 'Jang Jae Hyun' face somewhere? Well,it's in the Boys Over Flower, he played the brother of Kim Bum's character. His character is totally opposite of what he played in BOF. For the videos,both raw & subbed, head straight to bigbangupdates There's link given there. I don't want to redistribute the links here,as respecting their hardworks & efforts in providing it. *thanks bbupdate…

Hello 2012!

It's another year!
Alhamdulillah,I lived to see another year passed.
Thank Allah swt for everything.
I wish nothing but a better year.
Hopefully I'll be a better me.
Happy New Year 2012 everyone! (~.^)v