Monday, January 16, 2012

Panicked!! :O

Korea trip update!
As you may (or may not) already know,
one of the many purposes of I'm going to Korea,
is to attend BIGBANG's BIG SHOW concert.
It's like a dream of every VIPs.
However, YGE was really late in giving out the date this time.
So,I actually took the matter on my own,
and booked flights that I thought within the range of BIGSHOW's date.
Range that I gave to myself was around late Jan to late Feb.
That's when YGE usually hold the concert.
Phew,what was I thinking..wait,or what was YG thinking?!
And tadaaa,the date is finally out! Well oh well, YG,you trolled hard! grrr
The dates given was 2nd,3rd and 4th of March :o *panic attacked*
My flight back home was booked on 2nd March!! Grrrr
I managed to book it at promo price,with total of 261 000 won for two(included 15kg-no meals).

Okay, however I think that's going to change!
I'll have to change the international flight date,
as I want to attend the concert.
I've checked and it's gonna cost me a bomb!!!
I'll have to pay the price, worth almost a day of concert for two! :o *super panic attack*
Exclude the penalty for the change of local flight date.

p/s: To friends/Noonies/Fellow VIPs/Airens in Korea: If it's possible,can I stay at yours during my trip? :/

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