Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello everyone ^^
See the title? 'WHAT'S UP'
It's actually the drama,Korean drama that I'm currently watching.
At first,I started watching because of Daesung of BIGBANG is one of the casts.
But then,after an episode,I'm totally hooked!
Too bad it's not aired on the usual KBS/SBS/MBC station,but at MBN.
The story of young adults dealing with the world.
It's quite an interesting drama.
Darker,fun,young,vibrant,musical,full of life..
Here's the link to the 1st episode recap, HERE.
Keke,I especially remember the 'pump,pump,pump' scenes.
Remember seeing 'Jang Jae Hyun' face somewhere?
Well,it's in the Boys Over Flower, he played the brother of Kim Bum's character.
His character is totally opposite of what he played in BOF.
For the videos,both raw & subbed, head straight to bigbangupdates
There's link given there. I don't want to redistribute the links here,as respecting their hardworks & efforts in providing it. *thanks bbupdates*
So enjoy! What's Up!!
Here's another site that provides subbed videos,'s up.
p/s: there's Kwon Twins in the drama too.keke
credit picture: gokpop

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