Monday, January 30, 2012

Rather interesting read~College Majors That Are Popular~

Source Yahoo Education:
'College Majors That Are Popular'
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tehee,here comes the rather interesting parts.

Stated that Bachelor of Accounting (BACC) is one of the 'Popular Degrees Among Employers'.
This statement follow suits:

"Bachelor's in Accounting: If you're good with numbers, you might want to consider earning a bachelor's in accounting. Nearly 62 percent of the organizations surveyed by NACE said they planned to hire accounting grads. And 100 percent of accounting firms said they were preparing to hire new employees.

Potential career and average salary: Accountant, $68,960* "

And then again,it was mentioned as one of "Popular Degress in Growth Industries".

"Bachelor's in Accounting: There's a reason that the NACE study found that so many employers were planning to hire accountancy grads. According to the Department, the accounting industry will have a 22 percent job growth by adding almost 300,000 positions from 2008 to 2018.

Potential career and average salary: Database administrator, $75,730*"

So,what's the point of this entry? Nothing really, just a reminder for myself that after all these years of love-hate relationship with accounting,will eventually paid off :D

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