Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ticket Hunt~BIGBANG BIGSHOW 2012-Day 1,2 & 3

"Today all tickets sold out in 1MINUTE! Standing sections sold out in 30seconds and seating sections sold out in 20seconds"
cre: BigbangisVip

I was just :O daaaaaaammmmmmn!!!
How could beat the super fast internet connection in Korea,even????
In a minute, I was just trying to figure out what's what!! Damn!
It's a war,a battlefield indeed!

edit 2/12/2012: We (me n my sis) lost the ticket battle and quite severely emotionally injured X_x


  1. hwaiting fiqah!!

    semangatnya nk pi tgk concert. tiba2 akk pun teringin jugak nk pi concert tp....

  2. Huhuuuuuuu tinggi semangatnya,bila xdpt,tinggi jugak la kadar frustration nyaaaa :( 2nd day still xdpt,laju sgt tenet dorg,manela terdaya celcom braodband snail pace nie nk lawan rebut2 tixs.mintak2 la ptg ni ada luck. tq,hwaiting!
    btw,kenapa ada tp....?

  3. tp....

    ada tp tu sbb tak tau nk pi concert sapa...hehe...


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