Monday, February 27, 2012

Last post for Seoul first trip.

From previous post,here.

We spent the last couple days strolling around Itaewon 
in searching for souvenirs to bring back home,
as well as trying eateries there. keke

On our last day , we spent the whole morning walking & absorbing Hongdae.
Wah, pretty sure we gonna miss it terribly!
We went to YG Building to bid farewell,
and we went back to the hostel.

Saw a drama shooting just around the corner to our hostel,
so we decided to go and check it out.
Turn out it's Wang Ji Hye shooting for *idunnowhatdrama  
p/s: Wang Ji Hye is the 'ice-cream girl' in Protect The Boss drama.

Pick up our backpacks and went our way to the airport,
after saying goodbye and promise to comeback to Mr Donguk Lee,
we left for good.
Annyeong Seoul! 
Seeya again on March 1st for the BIGSHOW trip!

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