Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DAY 8 - 12th Feb: Ewha Univ,Gyeongbukgung,Itaewon

It's Sunday!
So there's a special breakfast prepared by the manager!
But it's beef soup >_<
We've told the manager before of what we consume & what we don't since we're Muslim,
lucky he remembered and prepared us something else! *thanks*

While we're having our breakfast, there's 1N2D show on tv.
It shows the members visiting 'Gyeongbokgung Palace',
along side with the Professor that went to Namsan Mountain with them in Gyeongju before.
Since we haven't been in the palace, we decided to go there later today.

We've heard that Ewha Univ is a beautiful campus,
so we decided to go and take a look ourselves.
Anyway it's just couple stops away from Hongik Univ Station by subway.
Wow! Indeed, a beautiful place.

The flower wall at the entrance, the unique underground building(?!),
even the surrounding area is a bit chic compared to Hongdae :D
We wanted to walk around,but our legs didn't cooperating.hehe.

So,we headed to our next destination!
The Gyeongbokgung Palace!
Just took the subway straight to the Gyeongbokgung Station,
which is within the palace area,very easy right?
We're shocked to see the sea of people there actually,
since last Sunday when we came the amount wasn't as many.
Then I figured,people flocked to the palace upon watching 1N2D featuring it earlier today.

Unlike our 1st visit, this time we got plenty of time,
bought entrance tickets and rent a PDA.
This palace is impressive, I adore the bright colors used in decorating it.
The unique patterns on the walls, and we observed the palace
whilst listening to the PDA,giving us detailed explanation of what is what.

Using the entrance ticket of Gyeongbokgung,
we're able to get into the National Folk Museum too.
Amazed by the presentation at the museum.
Before heading out we bought some souvenirs,
and hot coffee too,since it's cold outside!

Then again,we went to the Gwanghwamun Square,
we figured there's a door to Sejong Center underneath the mighty statue.
There's no admission fee,it's free!
So we went inside, after strolling around for some time,
we arrived at a section where we're given chance to write our names,
using the traditional method,
with traditional brush, ink, and even paper,
also get our 'art' displayed later on!
The person in charge of the section complimented our Hangul writing,
she said, we must've been very used to the Korean words.

After long day of exploring the history,
we head to Itaewon.
Well, you know, we've been missing our protein (meat,chicken,lamb,etc)
very much ever since we landed in Korea.
So Itaewon is the heaven for Muslim visitors!
There's lots-lots-lots of halal eateries in Itaewon,
especially from the exit 3.
With Foreign Restaurant in mind,
because we've watched 'Eat Your Kimchi' team went there,
we headed straight to the restaurant.
There's buffet, for 16 500 won per person.
We literally ate like we never see meat,lamb and chicken in a million years!! xDDD
Although later on I thought the amount of food we consumed
shall not cost us more than 10 000 won per person,well,
we got our protein anyway..who cares.

It's getting dark, we headed to our nest.


  1. cepat balik..dgr dgr story plok..hehehe

  2. glad you had fun all the way :) ewha building which is in glass is actually multipurpose building (has stores and restaurants as well as studying rooms etc ). i m a bit sad we didn't have chance to meet. was hoping for that. safe flight home~~



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