Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's Monday, so we figured it's gonna be best for us to go check out
the Trick Eye Museum.
Well,it just around the corner anyway,in Hongdae.
Trick Eye Museum is in Hongdae..located in among the alleys there.
How to get there? here's:

From subway line 2(green line),
get off at Hongik Univ station, and look out for exit 9.
From exit 9, just go straight, pass Paris Baguette, Citibank
and then turn left and u'll see Starbucks,walk towards it.
Cross over the street at Starbucks and walk up that alley
until u see a large orange sign that says 'Trick Eye Museum'.
It's located underground so don't miss it!
Keep ur eyes peeled!
The entrance fee is 13 000 Won for adult & 11 000 for youth under 18.

We went in and had so much fun.Wow, amazing arts.
There's 3D's and various kind of arts on display.
We're allowed to wander around the museum & take pictures,
well, they even provide few staff to help with the picture taking process :P
Enjoy some of the pictures!

After spending couple hours at the museum, we decided to check out Gangnam.
Anyway,it's during the day, so nothing much there. kekeke
but we saw another branch of Yeolbong though.

Then next stop is the COEX, the largest underground shopping mall in Korea.
It's at the Samseong Station.
We're such a happy VIPs there when we're greeted by huuuuuuuuge ads of BIGBANG.
it's G-market's ads for upcoming BIGSHOW.

Saw a Paris Baguette nearby,so well, what else? eat lah!
We wandered around the COEX mall for a while,
saw many shops that endorse by BIGBANG/ 2NE1..
Bean Pole (GD's/2ne1) is side by side with Fubu (TOP's)
and because Fubu is still having promotion with TOP,
we got to watch the videos of TOP, played at the shop (^o^)v
after some time we get lost in the food court section,
hahaha end up eating seafood there, haish,eat again!

It's getting dark and it's getting cold,
we're back to Hongdae, well, head to Mr Donut and had some donuts.
Walked around for a while then we head to our hostel.

Short note though :
this gonna be the last post for our first trip to Seoul.
we got message from our family asking us to come back home asap.
some personal matters arise, so we decided to go back home on the 15th.
Ah,the plan to stay for a month will not come true for this time.

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