Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 1- Namu Guest House it is!

Good Morning!!
We woke up at 4.30 am,and saw the girl that besides us bought some MC'D breakfast.
We asked for the price and think it's affordable,so we went for it.
Just for 5200 won for a set & another cup of coffee add-on.

Bought T-Money cards (2500won each) for us and recharge it at 10 000won,each.
And guess what, also bought the banana uyuu!
Tasted like banana! Feels like drinking banana! hahaha,just 1000won.

As we went to the subway, Bigbang welcomed us!!

Of course Mr Lee Seunggi is there too!!

What a great way to kick off our day!! :D
It's our 2nd time in subway,1st in SG.
woooww,it's heated seating!! So comfy~

Our destination is to Hongik Univ Station,Line 2,Exit 2

we're going to Namu Guest house, located at Hongik Uni Area.
Checked-in for 2 nights,mixed-beds dorm,
total of 79000won,cuz they have 10% discount during Feb.
Jia greeted us :D

After leaving our bags & refreshing ourselves a bit,
we headed to Deoksugung to watch the royal guards changing ceremony.
And we got lost in translation,as we mistakenly read the map upside down!!
We ended up in Insadong,and walked our way to the palace.

Arrived just in time for the ceremony ~ the guards are all tall & big guys.

Just outside the Palace is the Gwanghwamun Square.
There's located the statue of the Great Sejong.
The square is soooooooo freakin huge too.
And btw, Deosukgung was located near to mountain,cooler there compared to our guest-house.

And then we walked down the Cheonggyecheon Stream,it's so nice.

There's a few musician playing music along the stream too.
We're so tired,so we decided to head to hostel,
took the subway,line 2,Euljiro-1-ga to Hongik Station.
Arrived at hostel,ate our maggi mee and crashed down at 6pm.


  1. bestnye...
    bila la sy leh smpai kat sane... ehee :)

  2. So happy for you girl! And I started laughing so much when I saw how you noticed big bang doors LOL i had same reaction first time i was here xD enjoy your time in Korea ^^

  3. Ena: poskad da smpai ke blom? xDD klu nk mai,nt musim laen lah.loni sejuk sgt2

    Katja: hahaha, i was so excited to have them greeted me there! haha thanks ^^


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