Thursday, February 16, 2012

Around Hongdae

Through out our stay in Seoul, we only stayed at one place, Hongdae!
It's very nice there,since the hostels & GHs are located in the neighbourhood.
We get to see & experience the Korean lifestyle better here.
The line 2,Green line,connecting us to many great places.
So we didn't have to transfer too many time.

Hongdae is a lively place,rather very calm during the day,
and so much fun when the dark take over!
The clubs,the small food stall, the cafes,
the young people adds so much more color to Hongdae.
Well,I'm not too good with words,so let the pictures do the talking :D

*Morning walk *

*calm morning Hongdae*

*busy intersection outside exit 2,line 2,Hongik Univ Station*

*of many interesting art (?)*

*live performance on the street by indie band despite the coldness*

*playing games*

*aah,so tempted to buy those* xDD

*of so many cafes*

*2nd shop of Coffee Prince,runs by MBC*

*the 1st Coffee Prince cafe*

*hello Kitty themed cafe*


  1. omg these are so cool!! love the coffee prince shops i definitely want to visit the 1st shop!!! i see ur having a great time!! I hope u continue making unforgettable memories!!! <3

  2. Hi Fiqah, I really love your blog and updates. Amazing! I'm so jelly right now. hehe. I've got question - the street you were saying abt hongdae being the best place, how do we get there? Coz i also ever stayed in hongdae but i never crossed that "happening" pictures of yours. Which exit or way should i take?

  3. First of all, thanks for the kind words Mimi :D much appreciated.

    Hongdae itself is a great place with so many alleys within the area, and most of the interesting places is really gonna requires you to explore Hongdae, i mean, explore! take time and just walk around it,and u'll see the oh so many awesome thing there. U better spare some time to really enjoy it:D It's best to take exit 1 or 9 of Hongik Univ Station as it's gonna lead you to the centre of the happening area. If u didn't know where to go, u might as well just follow the crowd,well,sometimes following the flow is the best too.


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