Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 6- 10th Feb : Naksan Park & Dinner at Yeolbong?!

So it's Friday!
Went to Sinchon,which is a station away.
Nothing much,just wanna check it out.
Found Sogang Univ there. *wave at Kak Zarina*
Went inside and snap some pics,it's nice campus.
Like being in a garden much?

But we didn't walked around much,bcuz our legs were not in their best condition. D:
Well,actually also becuz we're saving it for Hyehwa later.

After Sinchon,we went to the line 4,Hyehwa Station.
In search of the Ihwa Village, the village that Seunggi went in the 'Seoul 1 Day' 1n2d special episode. It's where the angel wings and some beautiful murals located.
It's actually located at the feet of Naksan Park, so it's like 2 in 1.

We hiked all the way up there.

And it's snowing!!!! almost heavily!!

ahh,my first snow!! hehehehe

On our way up,we saw so many beautiful arts/murals,etc.

And we did found the Ihwa village on our way down.
It's been washed away by the villagers,so it's true.
No more angel wings :(

Frustrated,we came back to our hostel.

Later,again,as usual,it's strolling Hongdae time again! xD
We really like it here, it's so much fun.
Tonight our mission is to look for Yeolbong Hongdae Branch!
This restaurant is owned by Se7en & managed by the dancers team,the Hi-tech crews.
When we found it,we realised,how close it is to their clubs! haa!!
Had our dinner there. We ordered 'Naldubap' , some sort of rice with fish eggs & tofuu.
Just that,with no chicken. The ahjumma was so amazed and asked why.
So we simply told her we didn't eat meat. She nodded & served us,still :D
Thanks ahjumma. On the stairs going up to the Yeolbong,
there's display of Bigbang's,2ne1's & stars picture,flocking to Yeolbong!!

We head back to our hostel to get some sleep :)


  1. Dear Fiqah,

    Akak just went to Naksan Park yesterday after watching Rooftop Prince!! Hahaha

    1. wah, rooftop tu shoot at naksan park ke? bru tgok stakat ep 14 nie. nice kan kt Naksan tu, nsib baek xterlalu femes, rasa nyaman je g aritu xDD

      btw.akak still kat Korea yer, bila balik M'sia? huhu,rndu la Korea,rasa nk g stay lama2 next time


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