Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 3 - 7th Feb : of Bukchon, Namsan..and......Hongik Uni again :P

A freezing 'Annyeong' from me! xD
Actually we're planning to check out from Namu Guesthouse today,
but we're not done sightseeing around Hongdae & our foot are too tired anyway,
so we decided that we're extending our stay here for another night.

After a failed mission of searching the Hongik Uni the day before,
we're thinking,why not giving it another shot.

As we walked around this area,with a map of course,
we found the Picasso Street, the oh-so-exciting-club street
(why?bcuz YG-owned club's located there- nb1 & nb2 aka Harlem)

and also the interesting mural street.

Hongdae area is so vibrant,with colorful building as well as interesting aka weird deco,
yeah,it's a youth street.

There's also the 'Hello Kitty Cafe' here in a small alley,but we didn't go inside,
bcuz it's still too early when we arrived. It says that the operation time start only at 11am.

Not far from the Kitty cafe,there's a branch of 'Coffee Prince Cafe' aka "Tiramisu Cafe'.
Owned by MBC,
it's decorated to look like the original cafe,also in this area.

Finally we met the Hongdae Univ!! By the time we reached there, i believed it's lunch hour.
So students were all rushing out,hahaha. This Uni seems more relaxed compared to Yonsei,
even the building speaks itself :P

Suddenly it's gotten too cold, we just can't stand it anymore,so we retrieved to our guesthouse again. Jia told us that it's -10C. aaahh,no wonder!!
We stayed inside for a good couple hours before deciding to make another attempt to go outside.
Bukchon Hanok Village was our destination.
We asked direction from Jia, and braves our way there.

From Anguk station,exit 3,it's Bukchon Hanok Village area.
This place is so cool! Like it's so unique!
The alley,the houses,and there's the wall of a palace next to it.
We followed the direction given,and with the map of several ideal photo spots,
managed to track almost all of them.

If you forget,it's the place that Kim Jongmin covered in the
'Seoul in a day"' special episode of 1n2d.

Later on before it gets dark,we braves our way to Namsan Tower.
By bus 02 from Chungmuro,it goes all the way up to Namsan,and we need to hike a bit.
But damn!!!!! It's very-very-very cold up there!!!!
It's very beautiful though.
We did our best,looking all around ,snapping pictures before running to the waiting buses.
It's getting tooo cold for us & our camera too,
so please mind the low quality pictures :P

This is *pose like Jaejoong* picture.
After i did it,so many tourists did it too.
They're just too shy before that.hahaha

*pose like JJ*

On our way to our place of staying,we stop at one Korean restaurant shop that sells Bibimbap,Ddeokbokki & Ramyeon,etc.

We ordered those three,and barely could finish it all up.
And it only cost us 8500 won,kamsahamnida Ahjusshi!! xD

p/s:Funny how a girl from tropical country travel during winter time,
all that came out from our mouth is just 'COLD'! 'COLD!'
And it's interesting to see Korean girls could wear mini-skirts and leggings
and some even just mini skirt with bare leg,in this bitter cold.
HJ (Namu's manager) said bcuz they're used to it. Wow,like lucky u!
Well anyway,later we learned that it's -12 that day.
No wonder I'm so freakin cold even with 3 layers :O

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