Sunday, February 5, 2012

4th Feb-D day: Miss,run for your flight!!!

So 4th of Feb fast approaching! It's D-Day! We're flying to Seoul!

We left the house by 8am , not with a light steps,but with quite worried heart.
How will everyone coop with us not around?

Anyway,arrived at the airport by 9.30 am.
We waited for Min to send us,too.

Then we boarding to LCCT-KL at 10.45 am.
The flight must've been very fast, bcuz we did arrive 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.
Even in the flight to KL, there're many Korean on board.
When we step in the LCCT, oh gosh,so many Koreans!
They came to shop here in Malaysia.

A day before,on Thursday, we exchanged money at KB.
The rate for that time was 0.28, which was quite favorable for us.
But then they didn't have enough won for us,so we managed to exchange up to 50 000won.
However,things wasn't so great on the D-day, the rate was at 0.34! :/
We did exhanged some more cash.

After meeting with my brother, we went to the Medan Selera at LCCT.
Coming from Kelantan, hahaha,of course seeing the prices was quite a culture shock! :o
Well, honestly I do think that it's overpriced,
unfavorable for the locals,since the price applicable at like international rate already.
But still we ate nasi lemak ( RM4.50) & nasi ayam (RM 8.50).

While we're enjoying our overpriced foods,
we already spared sometime to go back to the LCCT.
But then without any prior notice the gate was closed earlier than stated on boarding pass.
By the time we arrived at the gate,it's already closed!!!!!!
Luckily the Air Asia officer was there,
and then he told us that "Miss,run for your flight" "Cut all of the queue" and " Run as fast as you could, because your flight is already preparing to depart".

We run like crazy-mad girls in the LCCT,cutting every lines & everything.
Phew,we made it to flight!! There was us and some Koreans that was running for our flight.
We're so tired, that we fall asleep immidiately .

Arrived at Incheon International Airport by 8pm.
It's freakin freezing -4C, and of course our 3 layers of clothes did great! :D
First impression,wow this airport is huge!

and there's lots of seats provided too.
Like finally get to see the infamous airport that I always saw in the fancams.

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  1. fiqah,

    dah selamat sampai korea dah rupanya :) akak duk terwonder-wonder bilakah D-day nya. rupanya hari ni.

    boleh bygkan fiqah lari mengejar kapai terbang. heheh...mesti berdesup laju....

    selamat b'gembira, semoga selamat di sana... jgn lupa update blog :)

    dan jgn lupa tulis nama fiqah atas snow.hehe....snow tebal tak?


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