Saturday, January 28, 2012

A clueless me ?_?

The title says it all. Remember how I've been dreaming on attending BigShow 2012?
Well oh well, the ticket will be on sale this 31st Jan,1st Feb & 2nd Feb on G-Market.
Ok,that still well,sort of okay.
Then comes the problem..Payment Method=Paypal.
I never ever use it and also fortunately unfortunate I doesn't own any credit card.
So a clueless me was trying to figure out how the heck Paypal operates with Malaysian local debit cards.
And gotten even more clueless, and started to feel hopeless.
It would've been better if i had somebody in Korea to buy those tickets..
Again,unfortunately I don't have anybody :(
Aigoo ya, tomorrow I will go to local bankS and will be asking them regarding this Paypal thingy.
RHB Bank seems to have something special with Paypal,so might as well pays RHB Bank a visit.
Until then, bbyong!

p/s: A me is now very excited at the same time afraid,scared and everything mixed together about SK trip.^^


  1. salam..oh konsert dorang bila tu..kat mane eh nk tngok adv dia ek?

  2. Wsalam.konsert dorg bulan 3 nt, tgok kt site YG,ade

  3. oh fly g korea eh..ingtkn kat msia.wah bestnye.hehe enjoiceeee

    1. hehe,tq. A'ah,kt sana,fly pegi nun sana


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