Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Optimisticly Jobless

Currently I'm taking break from my position as RA at ARI. 
Hopefully I'll be inspired to edit many of the drafted post I have.

Jobless hopefully not hopeless.

My health have been deteriorate since I'm working as RA.
This job, although sounded so easy breezy trust me, it's gonna eat you up someday.
Seated almost 12 hours a day, I got bloated!
not to mention staring at the PC monitor all day long,
driving across the country to attend meeting (or actually as driver only),
last trip where I have to carry around gigantic luggage,
my back pain was unbearable anymore,
hence I took off.

As now, for my pocket money,
I focuses on my online business and baking.
Say what, I bake!
I'm a self-taught baker and I tried baking because
 I miss the brownies from Kartika Sari. hehe

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