Wednesday, July 25, 2012


me + groupon + money in bank = omghell.

True that. Remember last time I bought a tablet pc from groupon?
It has reached me couple days ago.
Now, I'm undecided over a underwater camera by KODAK. 
Shall I buy it?? Here's the deal
Now i have roughly 5 days to think about this.
Hmm,to buy or not to buy??

So, lets ask our beloved 'bestfriend' aka Google!

What is GROUPON?

Google says: 
Groupon is a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for consumers. 
Every 24 hours, Groupon broadcasts an electronic coupon for almost everything, from a restaurant or store in your city, to the travel deals, and everything in between such as electronics, healthcare or shopping deals , while also offering you a 40% to 60% discount if enough group of consumer purchase that service or products.


Simply because we want to buy stuff at discounted price when the quota is fulfilled obecause it's cheaper way to try new service or product. The wide range of service & products offers also give consumer lots to choose from. Also the % of discount to choose too.. some up to 70% discount.

Why it's popular?
  • Its subscribers are modern consumers who love to spend money. (see my 1st sentence again,LOL)
  • It works because it provides motivating choices for its motivated group of consumers.
  • It can easily become viral, and its daily discounts spread quickly through email.

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