Tuesday, July 24, 2012


~ 2nd Annual Girls' Meeting (AGM ) ~

Wow wow.
Perhentian Islands, I'm still mesmerized by you everytime.
If this aren't called love,then tell me what it is? :D

We don't talk crystal clear here, we talk about how breathtakingly awesome.
Crystal clear is not even the word to describe Perhentian Islands.

A week before Ramadhan, me & my girlfriends went to the island.
We've been planning to go there ever since my 1st trip.
Such a joy and pleasant 3d2n spent with the girls.
Had so much fun,and actually find ourselves reluctant to return home.

30minutes speedboat rides, we're away from the hustle & bustle of modern world.
Stayed at Samudera Beach Chalet at Teluk Dalam for a night,

and opted for Suhaila's Palace for a change.

Both chalet were perfect for our not-so-big budgets, and both offers best sea-view.

We didn't stay at Kecil as we planned earlier, because we heard that it could get wild in Kecil at night time. Being 3 girls, we decided to stay at Besar for safety reason (?). ^_^
However, we did walked the Long Beach. Living up to its name,indeed a long beach.Seeing those half-naked bodies tanning under the colorful big umbrella along the shore, it doesn't feels like being in Malaysia at all. 

And we even climbed up the unpaved jungle path from Bubu to the windmill.
It's really tiring! haha especially after snorkelling trip.

The best view by far? At the pavilion near the windmill.
Mind the walk up hill, because it worth it.
All you can see unending beautiful sea and lagoon nearby.

The snorkelling trips? Wow.
Even if I had to snorkelled with life-jacket on, it was still a wonderful experiences
Beautiful coral fishes & coral to feast the eyes.
We met with turtle, fishes, octopus and sharks (3 of em) too!

Thank god we met with the nicest boatman ever.
He helped us around and served us really well.
 *thumbs up! he's our new friend!*

Food was not THAT pricey on the islands.
Well, if you choose wisely of course.
Dining at Samudera's cafe, it cost us around Rm 11.50-10.50 per meal per person.

The food however, was kinda so-so. Mr Boatman told us that B'First or (what it's name) nearby offers better food at affordable price too.
You paid much more for your burgers at MC D right? xDD


Staying at Suhaila's Palace, there's Cocohut Cafe & Tuna Bay Island cafe nearby,
but of course they're bit on the pricey side. We chose Abdul's Chalet cafe instead.
Same goes to Abdul's Chalet, absolutely under Rm15 for our dinner.
Warning you of the huge portion and tastes lot better than Samudera's too. haha

For our budget? Totally underbudget!
Thanks Sunny Travel for helping us :D

p/s: mind you, July are among peak season for Perhentian, might wanna pre-book. Usually the island close during Oct-Mar due to monsoon.

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