Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 10 - Picnic & i City

Day 10.
It's Wednesday and we have decided to enjoy a simple home-made dinner!
I'd rather say, picnic.
Talia fried the fishes.
I made the potato-cabbage soup.
Dayah pounds the 'sambal belacan'.
Iylia stir-fry some beans.
Nabilah made up the table.
It's team work,and happy tummies as the result! (^__^)

Later on, to burn all those calories, Talia suggested we go to the i-City.. but Nabilah didn't came along due to her asthma..
I-city, is literally next to our house.
Went, and we tried on many rides..
Phew..tired...we went back & sleep like a baby.

Thursday will be 'balik kampung' day!

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