Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 19. Hello Key-eL

Day 19. 27/9/2013.
Yesterday we managed to get a copy of fee structure from the treasury department.
It was for our Mara loan application.
Umi sent off my document from home by bus.
Talia,Dayah & I went to the bus station at 6am to pick it up.
Later we'll go to Mara office in KL to hand-submit the forms.

By 10am,we hop on the KTM towards Bank Negara.
Hello KL! again! :)
Arrived at almost an hour later, we rushed to the MARA office.
Our stomach were singing so loud, but we had to make it there before lunch hour break.
Dealing with the officer at the counter, I told her about the fee structure and how it complicates me.. then they told me that, no matter how much I said, they're just gonna cover the amount stated as 'Yuran Pengajian' only. OK..that was like O_o?
Anyway, I submitted mine but Talia couldn't submit hers because she need to obtain some more signatures.

The stomachs growled soo hard so we decided to grab some brunch at nearby restaurant.
Well, KL food,or course KL price lahh!!

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