Tuesday, May 31, 2011

it's coming to an end,finally!~

!!!!!! Finally the semester is coming to an end!! yaay! 6 months of practical training indeed test me physically and mentally. However,i have to admit,really, this past 6 months has been a bless. Meeting with great people,making new friends, learning new thing and most importantly a step closer to the BACC scroll. I left the office with a very light,almost flying steps. hahahahaha, am not coming back anytime sooner:P I need rest and some times to gather myself again before preparing for the next semester. Well, there'll be more travelling to come, trip to plan and money to save. hahaha
This is it,the last entry for this semester! Tomorrow i'll be off to Johor by train! (i know!!almost 12 hours of journey) & maybe since we're already there,might as well visit Singapore,who knows.^^

so here's picture from today's farewell party.

good luck u guys,
forget me NOT!


  1. How much is the train ticket? Where can you buy it?! Do I have to drive to Wakaf Bahru to buy the ticket in advance? PAIN IN THE NECK!

    Is it an overnight train? Johor is so far, I want to take the train there. I didn't even know it was possible. Give me info!

    Oh, and I hope you had (or are having) a nice trip!

  2. No! u just have to drive to KTM Station at Tanah Merah(closer than Pasir Mas) ,and buy the ticket there(or pre-book).ticket to Johor Bharu is RM41/each, 2nd class,seated.(mine)

    and yes,it's overnight, almost 12 hours. and when u're there.dont forget to bring ur passport, Singapore is just a bus-ride away.


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