Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh ideas..please come! palli!

hmm,i'm thinking of recreating our front yard.
i need some ideas!! xD
i'll better uploads some pictures later on,
so that if anyone sees this,might wanna help me out too.

well,my mom and dad,they're a total orchid lovers!
and they used to have the most beautiful yard,
but i guess,it's kinda hard to maintain after all this tough times.
we,usually spent our weekends gardening and playing under the sun.
but not now.everybody is being busy with their own world.
no more laughters,and fun,and joy..and all....
and i'm kinda miss that..sooo
i'm thinking why not i re-create our yard,
make a beautiful garden again,
maybe things will be better?!

[edited on Sat:14/05]
but heh, who am i kidding!!???
i was about to start off this special project yesterday morning,
when the sun decided to shine as brightly as it could,
and hottest as it would.
oh goddamnit,i'm so not gonna be under the sun,
i don't want any tan,no!
so yeah,the weather is tooooo hot nowadays,
am not gonna be gardening anytime soon! :P
*haih,is this global warning effect?
Oooops,i mean Global WARMING!
Global Warning is Bigbang's 2008 concert
it's been rollercoaster ride on weather these days,
it's burning hot during the day,
and usually raining/ cloudy during the evening..

tadaaaaa, seee that? wanna know what's in there??

chip~chip~a baby bird!!!

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