Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyday is special...

so, yesterday(8th May) was Mother's Day!
i believe it's based on Western culture? (no?)
or Korean has their own way,
they celebrate it as Parents Day..
^^ they just love to celebrate unlike others, right?
i mean, white day,black day, so many more days lah..
so lovely & creative of them! ^^ kkk

a mother should not just be celebrated & honored on certain day only,
our mother is for us to love, to look up to, to respect, to love
& to honor everyday as we lives.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) continually used to remind his followers of the status of the mother and the obligation of being good to one's parents. The following narration is a beautiful example of the noble position of the mother:

A man came to the Prophet and said: O Messenger of Allah! Who from amongst mankind warrants the best companionship from me?
He replied: "Your mother."
The man asked: Then who?
So he replied: "Your mother."
The man then asked: Then who?
So the Prophet replied again: "Your mother."
The man then asked: Then who?
So he replied: "Then your father."
(Sahîh Bukhârî 5971 and Sahîh Muslim 7/2).

The Quran also discusses the immense honor and respect due to both parents, and especially to mother:

"And We have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship, and his weaning is in two years give thanks to Me and to your parents, unto Me is the final destination." (Luqman 31:14)
Cre: The Muslim Woman

(a nasheed was composed on about Mother)
Yusuf Islam's nasheed : Your Mother
Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honor to
Who should I pay good mind to?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothes you
Who used to feed you?
And always be with you
When you were sick
Stay up all night
Holding you tight
That's right no other
Your mother (My mother)

Who should I take good care of?
Giving all my love
Who should I think most of?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk
Who used to hold you?

Before you could walk
And when you fell who picked you up
Clean your cut
No one but your mother
My mother

Who should I stay right close to?
Listen most to
Never say no to
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes
comb your hair
And blow your nose
And when you cry
Who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears
Who really cares?
My mother

Say Alhamdulillah
Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah
For my mother.

The Qur'an emphasizes the great struggles the mother goes through for her child,
to highlight the need for one to reciprocate their parents sacrifece for them:

Qur'an 31:14 And we have enjoined on man [to be good] to his parents :
in travail upon travail did his mother bear him and his weaning was over two years.
Be thankful to Me and to your parents, unto Me is the final destination.

The renowned exegete, Shaykh Abdur-Rahman As-Sa'di (d. 1956), says about this verse:
{And to your parents} meaning, be kind to your parents, shower on them love, affection and piety, both in words and deeds, treat them with tender humility, provide for them and never harm them verbally nor physically. [...] Then, Allah mentions the reason why we should be kind to our parents, when He says {His mother bore him in travail upon travail}, that is, the mother bore constant suffering; in pain and hardship from the first moment she felt the child moving in her womb to the worst pangs during the time of delivery. And {his weaning is for two years}, that is, during these two years the mother breast-feeds her child and looks after him/her. So after all the years of suffering, hardship, love and care, could we not, at least, compensate our mothers for what they have done for us and pay them back their rights? (Taysîr al-Karîm ar-Rahmân fî Tafsîr al-Kalâm al-Manân)

and lastly, we are oblige to love,honor,respect, our mother certainly because of this saying:
Paradise lies at the feet of your mother

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said in a famous narration: 'Paradise lies at the feet of your mother' (Musnad Ahmad, Sunan An-Nasâ’i, Sunan Ibn Mâjah). What can be greater evidence of honoring women than this? Islam has effectively placed the ultimate reward for human beings in their devotion to their mothers. Shaykh Ibrahîm Ibn Sâlih Al-Mahmûd writes: Treat your mother with the best companionship, then your father; because paradise is under the mother's feet. Never disobey your parents, nor make them angry, otherwise you will live a miserable life in this world and the hereafter, and your children will treat you likewise. Ask your parents gently if you need something. Always thank them if they give it to you, and excuse them if they do not, and never insist on a matter if they refuse to give you something. (Al-Mahmoud, How to be kind to your Parents, p.40) cre: Mothers In Islam.

p/s: i'm no expert in Islam too.I'm still learning to be a better muslim too.i'm just sharing this because i think my religion honored a mother very highly and beautifully. A mother is to love and celebrated everyday, i love you Umi! i'd trade NOTHING for you. and for you to love me so well,i couldn't ask for any better mother in the world.

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