Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a tiny town!

remember i promised to show my little tiny-town?
it's called Machang!
this little town is actually located at the center of the state,i think.
it's about 45minutes from Kota Bharu,
15 minutes to Tanah Merah,
30 minutes to Pasir Puteh,
2 hours from Gua Musang,
about 30 minutes to Kuala Krai,
and almost 30 minutes to Jeli too.

just see for your self!
it's a very humble town :)
the older part of town

KFC *halal of course~*

oh,foggy morning! *phew,my effort!*

bus station

colorful isn't it?
see the students making their way to school.
too bad,i forgot to snap pic of the school.

the motocross track,just outside the town

the bakery

oh,this is the front gate of my Uni!

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