Friday, April 29, 2011

Korean Top 100 Song of the Decade by Melon!

so there you go,
Melon has been documenting the top songs
and now had put out the list for us to see,
the top 100 songs from last decade!
2000-2010, wow,it's been a DECADE!!
and the Kpop fever never seems to cool down even a bit.
They are here to stay!
whether you like it or not,lucky for me,
i LOVE it :P

so, there you go!
excerpt from the list!
YG Family

53.Fire-2NE1 (Space Vers / Street Vers)

and 1N2D family also there!!

all songs seems to be very recent, and for that a netizen answer the Q:

people just look at the charts and never bothered reading the actual article
it clearly said that it's based on downloads and streaming from melon
also it's not really fair to compare songs pre 2005 era and post 2005 just because the difference in the system
yet people just complain and never bothered in reading when it's clearly explained in the article cre: Janet S in allkpop.

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