Friday, April 1, 2011

Into Me

the usual me could be best describe as easy-going,fun,positive and bright (emotionally), however, on my bad days, i'd be blaming anything,everything,all the things from the under,above, and even in between the skies. luckily,i rarely had bad days, maybe just twice in a month,(if) or even worst when PMS is nearing. and when i'm in my right mind again,i'd feel sorry for the things that i've said,thought,done and even planned to do.thus,i never really proceed with any of the crazy thoughts/plans.i stay me,the sane me. and oh,i realized,i haven't greet u just yet,Hello to u!

well,come to think about my life, maybe i've reached the part where i started to feel confuse,overwhelm,weak,doubtful and all of that combine together.these days, not even a day passed without me thinking about my next step in life. i doubt any 20-ers who doesn't have this symptoms. a dear friend named it, mid-20's crisis,i bet it's true!!

as right now,i'm on my way completing my 6months practical training,which only 2months left. after that i'll return back to the campus as full-time student, for another semester.which i have already decided in ahead of time to make it into another 2 semesters for me.why? because of everything that's happening to my life, as a student, it's really affected my grades,badly... from being the top student,now i almost hit rock bottom. and extending the semester seems to be the very right option for me now. just if not,i will have 8 papers to be taken and should be passed with bright if not flying colors. where i think it's very much quite impossible for me.

i've had always been a person that kept everything to myself. however,i'd like to change it, through some friends i've came to learn that bottling things inside me is not always good.sometimes we need to let it go. and i am changing it little by little; by having this blog. it is a medium that i use to share about me,about my life.haha,maybe, nobody even care about or even know about the existence of this blog of mine.

so this entry will be about i'm giving sneak peak into my life, just as other might say about their life, mine too is like a rollercoaster ride! weheeee, up and down we go! i never really write even this long before, well, at least about me. hahaha,i'm just,well, how should i put it, hmmm, in the mood of writing and sharing? ^^

i visits other blogs more than i visits mine, their words really are my source of motivation,always. not really sure why, but i always try to seek/find/fit my self in their beautiful words. most of the times, i wonder,whether or not i will have a great life as theirs,for me, there's always something new to learn from others perspectives. even it might not as always as the way i see, truthfully speaking,life has lot to teach through their stories too.i'd love to age beautifully, armed with many-many stories/memories to tell to the 'young me' (s) ,in future,who knows.

honestly speaking, i've met so many wonderful people online and i'm couldn't thank ALLAH more for that.i'm gaining so many new knowledges too.. as weird as it's sounds, it's always good to hear from others telling us about how good/bad we are.. like, we knew we're like this,yet still need someone else to point it out for us,sometimes even perfect strangers.hahaha,the beauty of life,i guess :D (i do have friends in real world though!)

i rant,rant and,it's quite long rant!! :O even though it's nothing much, but i do feel a whole lot better after letting it out. i don't even really get what i'm trying to say too:P

i just hope that, we (me & you) could live a meaningful life, learn from each others, and as well as advising one another,wow, i'm very much at ease, as if i'm opening windows to my heart, and i do feel like saying 'WELCOME TO MYLIFE!' i'll rant/share more in future v(^___~)v

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