Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anna in Seoul

she's one of the wonderful noonies,
i got to know her from Noonablog.
in few weeks,
she'll be on her life-'Seoul'-searching journey,
i am rooting for Anna's journey to Seoul.
as i'm counting down the days with her,
posts after posts,
i came to realized that i'm so much could relate to her.
the reasoning part of it,especially..
of why,where,when what and who..

the truth is that,
we've been in & out of the Noona Blog for so long,
and i admit to blog-walk to her blog,sometimes,
it just that i'm a bit too shy to say Hi to her.
however the case,i'm very happy for her.
this journey that she'll take,
i hope will be helpful to me too.

i want to think of the mid-20's crisis as a beautiful process of life.
because this is the time where we're going to realize,
and wonder about a lot of things.
we wonder about our next steps,
we dream about our future,
we wish to travel more,
we pray to meet wonderful people along the way.
and for all that,
i'm rooting for her journey!



  1. Hi! :) Thank you so much for following my Seoul blog and for writing this really nice post and recommending me ^^ I love how you wrote that the mid-20s crisis is a beautiful process of life. To be honest, it doesn't feel like it right now because I'm in the middle of it :/ but I can imagine how empowering and beautiful it can be to move through it and gain strength in yourself, with a broader perspective of the world.. Take care ^^

  2. oh hi! ur most welcome :) i agree with u,it doesn't feel like it right now,bcuz this is the transition state in our life.everything is chaotic,but somehow fun too.fighting!


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