Monday, April 25, 2011

Bommie belted~ It's Okay Baby Please Don't Cry...

this is indeed a SPRING fever!
*Bom is Spring in Korean*
killing all charts available in Korea.
climbing straight to the top the hour it's released.
the song is produced by non-other that CL's favorite guy,Papa Teddy!
it's a fast R&B number with a dope beats and sweet piano notes to it.
it tells about a lost love.
it's actually the continuation from You & I,
another Bom's solo hits song.
this 'Don't Cry' supposedly is the closure of that story,
she told us in You & I.
her lost love,tells her to move on with her life,
and she did as being told.

p/s: Bommie looks like a living doll in this mv! and her outfits,are all LOVED!
from the Alexander McQueen,to the ruffled pink to the hot bluish prom dress,to the killer heels,and to her flats, all is LOVE!!!!

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