Tuesday, April 19, 2011


xDD not exactly! this entry is not dedicated to my real sister, but to my lovely sister that i met at Intan Accounting firm. kekeke, her name,lets just call her Kak Filah (sis Filah).. the first time we met was almost 5 months ago. that time i was at the HQ,it was my first day of practical training. we were asked to introduced ourselves. there were 8 of us(?),not quite sure now. we all were called into the office,and had a brief introduction session. my 1st thought of her then was, "she's sweet". well, at least she seems like a sweet person to my eyes:P

almost a month there, i came to realize i never-ever said a word to her,and neither she. after sometime, she has 'this' vibe to her, like i'm scared of her!! hahahaha and then, the boss told me that three of us will be located to a new office that will be opened in Pasir Puteh.those 'lucky' 3 happened to be me, Ain and Kak Filah. ever since that announcement, i said to myself,that i must make friend of Kak Filah, but then, i couldn't even get close to her.hahahaha, really, i was really intimidated by her,i don't know why.

however, there's always good news. a fellow friend told me that Kak Filah is a K-poppers tooo, meaning that she love Kpop. i further asked, how deep is her love for Kpop? the friend told me, well, almost as my level. hahahahaha, at that time, i phew-ed.. this is great start. well, we're gonna have sooooo much more to talk about.

then, we moved to Pasir Puteh. only three of us stranded here :P bosses from HQ would be making trip to our new office just ensure we're settling well. i still remember, borrowing her external disk to copy some Kpop videos,just to discover she's almost the mirror image of me!!! hahahahaha, we both categorized our Kpop videos in the same order,and looking at her, feels like looking at myself.we're so much alike. (at least that's what i think) just that i don't have her flawless skin :P

at that time too, situation at home was getting sour. i was depressed. i bottled everything inside me, i do not tell other, i rarely share my feeling with others.as i think my friend would be too immature for me to share my problems.

luckily there's Kak Filah. she's older than me by few years. to her i would spill a hell loads of things. we would talk about my problems, and sometime she told me hers. it does feel nice to have somebody listening to us ranting and to share our feeling and thoughts. i don't know why, i trust her. talking to her would make me feel a miles better,each time. she listens to me, and at the same time would give me great advices. as time goes by, just the sight of her,lift a lil bit burden from me.

so,the point of this entry? yes, i don't have any words to tell her or to describe to her how grateful i am for having a wonderful friend like her. she's indeed a great sister to me. if it was not for her, i think i might be extending this practical training to next semester.all thank to her for giving me strength to carry on. i wish i could do something in return too. Kak Filah, Thank you sis, only Allah knew how grateful i am to meet u! Thank u,Thank u! Love u!

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