Monday, October 25, 2010


2010 seriously is the year of great dramas & the birth of SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many Korean new group...and not to forget,it's also the year of GREAT comeback of Kpop TOP DAWGS!

Kim Tak Gu captured many hearts but not me, hehe
the dramas that captured my heart is My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho and Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!
hahaha,see,now u know i'm a rom-com lover!!

MGIG starred (oh my darling) Lee Seung Gi (oppa),
and the (oh beautiful for words) Shin Min Ah!

i've seen many of SMA works, (series,CF, movies(naked kitchen),etc)
*girl had worked with many TOP & BEAU actors- Won Bin, Rain, Joo Ji Hoon,now LSG??*dies*
but she truly amazed me with her character Miho..
OMG,she's just toooooooooo adorable in that drama,
i bet every girls want to be like Miho.
her oh so deeeep dimples n her simple outfits complete with her super healthy skin, made me a JEALOUS fangirl! hahaha
she's always a beautiful girl,but as Miho, she just ...!*speechless*

Do i have to tell u who Lee Seung Gi is??
well,he's my love!! >_<
he's always a great singer *oh,his voice*
but now, he proved that he is an actor to be NOTE!
his previous act as Hwan in Brilliant Legacy sure was a great job,
however as Daewoong, he's BRILLIANT!!
the faces that he made, will tickle ur heart,
and oh, his crying scenes now, will make u cry-along!!
that's how good he is now! *proud*

if u've missed the series, just click the link below:

next, moving on to yet another drama that caught my eyes,
the Sungkyunkwan Scandal!
it's almost like Boys Over Flower + Hana Kimi = SKK Scandal.
starring Yoochun of DBSK, Park Min Young of I'm Sam, Joong Ki (ogamdo) and Yoo Ah in ( Antique Bakery)
Yoochun sure did a great job as its only his acting debut.
as i'm blogging this, it's only on its 5th ep on KBSW - Chn 391,mon-tue 9pm.
be sure to watch it..
and here's the link.. click ----> Sungkyunkwan Scandal reviews


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