Sunday, October 24, 2010


so there u go! SG Kpop Night / KPN went very well.
BIG BANG at KPN,one word= DAEBAK!! * as always*

BIG BANG performed total of 7 songs,
boys did great, they're BIG BANG after all.
i bet they converted many into VIPz,
as i can see fans of others artist,
spazzing over Big Bang too!

the fans did a great job,
they sang-along LOUD.

seems like BIG BANG got the most LOUD n BANGing cheers among all.
Boys even promise to comeback again.
*urgh,please Malaysia next time*

so,imma put the link,
go check em out.

p/s: VIPz so great,able to capture while spazzzing & jumping & all. thanks for all of the live updates.

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