Monday, February 17, 2014 Cafe

While I was in Seoul, using JJY as the bait,
my sister sent me some tips,
saying that I should check out this one cafe.
Kila said that Lil Andrew went there the week before
I was so into the idea of cafe hopping anyway,
since I don't really have much in my plan either.
It's a new cafe, called

I searched for the directions on the net,
then I found this one fanaccount that had it.
Here it is: > how to go to AND.HERE < thanks!
Even though they kinda makes it
seems complicated, actually it's not.
The cafe is actually near the subway exit .
Near in terms of *Korean near*,
which one might want to estimate additional of
5-10minutes of walking from our slow walking pace....

How to get there..
my direction based on their direction. ^^
Hyehwa Station, Exit 1.
When you come out from the station,
turn to your right,or easy words,make a U turn,
then walk for about more or so 70 meters,
You'll see an alley on your left, ok.. 
if i'm not mistaken that the first alley,
follow that alley down, just go straight, 
walk for about 100 meters or so :P i think..
just go all the way till you found this stone stairs,
walk up that stairs, peek or look to your right..hehe
the cafe is there.

So I went to cafe which my sister told me to go,
Turn out that cafe owns by SeungRi's mom!
whuuut?! how did i not know about that?
See, I've been very caught up with study that I know nothing!
Thanks to Andrew's blog update that I knew about this cafe.

When I first went inside, I could tell it's a new cafe.
The flower wreaths was still there,
I saw some from the names that I knew..
Anyway,it's a very simple and chic cafe.
The menu was on the clear-glass screen like board.
And they have this like, 
lil tab that also shows the menu, by the counter.
I kept on poking that tab,
before I realized that I need to tell the person,not poke that!kkk
The most famous seems to be the waffle+marshmallow,
which I tell you, a sticky mess!! hahaha
There's also this big gorilla which Kila told me, 
that was the gift from T.O.P
 kekeke,you really something Tabi~
On the upper floor which I enjoy and prefer,
 there's a big screen playing films like Life of Pi, 
Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind, etc
also a mini stage where a band could play,
however there's no band jamming during my visit, 
or maybe it's for private jamming for owner's son friends? hahaha
There's also artwork/paintings that I kinda recognized..
Hurm,was that gift from GD? anybody? tell me?
Anyway, I like the cafe,the whole ambiance,
even though it can be packed with fans downstairs, 
you'll get some privacy at the upper floor..
Well, at least I got it :)
That's it.


  1.'re malaysian right..?? and seems like you're muslim..?? was the food in that cafe halal..??

    1. Anon : hai, yes Malaysian and Muslim.i I assumed it was permissible since i was just having cappucino, waffle and ice-cream. anyway, it's almost impossible if u're expecting restaurant/food in non-muslim country to have 'halal' certified sticker like we have in Malaysia unless they are produced by Muslim. So yes,I assumed it permissible and ate it without a doubt and with a confident heart...and if your heart question about it,just dont eat it. That should apply to all situation,no matter where :)

  2. hey there. do you have any idea how far seungri's cafe is from jaejoong's cafe?

    1. On cloud Nine: Oh hi there. I'm sorry..i'm unaware about JJ's café location ;)

  3. Can i know the address of andhere cafe?

    1. Joey:Hi, I'm so sorry,but I didn't know the exact address too. Before I also just went there based on the direction given by other VIPS. What I knew it's in Daehakno

  4. hi do you know their operating hours? can we go there at around 9:00AM for breakfast? do you think they are open already by that time? thanks!

    1. Hi happinezzoy: that sounds like an early start! most f shops usually start their operation by 10-11am...

  5. Yay tambah lagi cafe nk visit nnt...thanks for this info...wish Big Bang bkak cafe hehe

    1. JijieLeto: yay! dont forget to check out the area too. Hyehwa is known as the youth spot as well as famous for their musical & theater. The pretty Ihwa-dong which I believe you might saw in dramas is also nearby. i love Hyehwa!

  6. Thank u for the info dear..btw u pg x gd pension...sbb akak nk g sna nnt...but stil x sure brapa org pegi...

    1. @JijieLeto: hehe,welcome. tak pegi lagi lah..takde chance lg. nt kalau akak pegi share lah citer

  7. Oh akak ingt u dh g...xpe next time pegi k...InsyaAllah nnt bleh je share..x book lgpn bilik kt sna :)

    1. @akak JijieLeto :hehe,belom..sbb suka pegi time winter,n slalunya sambil pergi berkonsert,so mmg Doce Vita ke mana2 je summer pun bukan jenis suka main panas,hahaha,tp mcm nk kne try gi la sblm terlambat.

    2. Kann akak pn x nk g masa summer...panas bganda2 dr kita...tu yg pilih time autumn...birthday month plak hehe sbb 1st time nak jejak sana..hehe

  8. Hi can you tell me how much you spent for the waffle? Thanks😊

    1. @ftasia: Hi, i don't quite remember it..but i think less than 15000 won for both coffee and waffle.hehe


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