Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Seoul with Love!

Before Cik leave for her study, we decided to go on a quick summer getaway.
Cik said she misses Seoul so much. Opportunity knocked, so here some of the piccassss..
Oh Summer Seoul, YOU'RE SO HOT!

YGe's yard just got bigger!
The buildings next to it was taken down,
and now even their trailer sized Bopcha could fits inside their area.

Just some random house or so in Insadong

We decided to visit Ssamzie

Hapjeong's mall, we love it there.

The only Starbucks in Korea that written in Hangul,located in Insadong.

Waiting for iftar at cafe. VI's sister was there.

Kila met Rilla.

The oh-so-dreamy Achimkoyo. Worth the journey.

A random ahjuhssi from nowhere, just came and offered us tickets to enter Music Bank.
Got to see 2PM, Kara,Shinee,etc.. Basically,everybody that performed on MuBank's 19th June 2015 stage.
Tryna be ninja.

Achimkoyo got me posing so girly, so I thought.

Iftar at Noryangjin Fish Market, spend like 50,000 won on the seafood and also the restaurant

Rainy day at Myeongdong Street when we trynna do some shopping

It was short,but long enough....
Phew, summer Seoul, we just can't!

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