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Dietary Supplement : Synergy Pro Argi-9 Plus

Only the size of your fist, lies at the centre of every critical system in human body, it beats an average of 72 times per minutes, a healthy heart could make a whole different.

Good health is impossible without a strong heart.
The heart is a powerful muscle and the most important organ in the body.
Therefore, maintaining optimum heart health and enhancing the cardiovascular system are critically important for long term wellness. Formulated in collaboration with leading l-arginine researchers and other cardiovascular specialist,
bless your heart with Synergy Pro Argi-9 Plus! 
Pro Arginine has been know to actually reverse heart disease!

'A sachet per day, 
helps keep your heart healthy and maintain your quality of life'

What is PRO ARGI-9 Plus?
Pro Argi-9 Plus, a component of Synergy's V3 Nutritional System, helps strengthen heart health by delivering the benefits of l-arginine to your circulatory system. Scientific studies have shown that l-arginine helps maintain already normal blood pressure levels, blood thickness and improves overall cardiovascular fitness. It is certified Halal by Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

Benefits of Pro Argi-9 Plus
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Enhances blood flow to vital organs
  • Sweetened with Xylitol to enhance oral health
  • Great tasting citrus grape flavour
  • May aid in decreasing body fat
  • May boost energy levels

Powerful ingredients in Pro Argi-9 Plus that work together to protect your heart!
  • L-arginine : Vital Acid Amino acid that best known for its cardiovascular benefits. In the body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes and regulates the blood vessels tone and flexibility. This reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation and maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Folic Acid, Vitamins B6 and B12 : work together to naturally decreases homocysteine levels.
  • Grape Skin Extract : high in antioxidants, antocyanins and polyphenols, helps in fighting damage caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin D3 : Aid in calcium absorption and plays a role in healthy cardiovascular function and supports healthy inflammatory response.
  • Xylitol : Promote saliva production providing protection against tooth decay.

~One serving of Pro Argi-9 Plus contains 
5,000mg of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine~

A box contains 30 sachets.

Who can consume Pro Argi-9 Plus?

Pro Argi-9 Plus is suitable for 23 years old and above. This supplement is great 
  • for those suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or descent from family that has heart attack background.
  • in enhancing memory and helps reversing the effect of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • helps in curing depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • suitable for asthma and gastric patient too.
  • Helps diabetic patients too. In the first week, the sugar level might go up ( depending on the patients body system reaction), however when the body adjust to the Pro Arginine, the sugar level go down again and maintain at lower /better sugar level. Thus the patients will feels as if re-energized!!
How to use Pro Argi-9 Plus.
  1.  Store in dry and cool place.
  2. Just mix with cold water, stir to dissolve until turns orange liquid.
  3. Drink directly after prepared.
  4. For maximum absorption, have it on empty stomach about an hour or so before any meals to let the body absorb it without anything else competing for absorption.
  5. If eaten, wait until at least an hour after meals for Pro Argi-9 Plus for better absorption.

Retail Price : 
1 box for RM 245 !
3 boxes for only RM 690! (great saving!)
(postage included)

Hurry Up! Grab the chance!

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  1. What makes this Synergy pro Argi-9 better than other l-arginine supplement that are out the market? How will I know that this is not a synthetic arginine which is spreading. A warning from Dr. Mercola alarmed me and my family in choosing only made from natural and organic products including an l-arganine supplement and other food products for our body.

    1. This is used by friend of mine which has gone through a cardiac surgery a few years ago. He's been searching high and low for supplement to his heart and this product had tremendously helped him. That's quite a sign of safe products~


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