Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kiss,and The Elephant Man.

This beautiful morning,
as i'm sipping my morning tea,
TV is on, and i'm catching up with some morning shows,
i was watching the Oprah Show, 
it's about father-daughter "LOVE" relationship,
Kathryn Harrison is the guest,
and she talked about her book, 'THE KISS- A Memoir'
A memoir of her incestuous relationship with her own-blood father.
Here's some excerpts on the book .
Kathryn is the second guest on Oprah Show to talk about their horrible memoir,
the first one as i recall, was Mackenzie Phillips
whom she spilled everything about her and 
her decade of sex with her father, 
and her horrible memories of life when she's younger.

Oprah Show ended, and i flipped through the channels,
when something on Nat Geo captured me,
The Elephant Man was the segment.
i was in 'AWW' and the ending anyhow,really touches me.
The Elephant Man; Life of Joseph Merrick.
Here's a beautiful poet that he often use in his lifetime.
Be thankful and appreciate God's creatures.
There's something to learn in everything that GOD created.

Tis true my form is something odd,

But blaming me is blaming God;

  Could I create myself anew
I would not fail in pleasing you.

If I could reach from pole to pole

Or grasp the ocean with a span,
I would be measured by the soul;
The mind's the standard of the man.
 —poem used by Joseph Merrick to end his letters, adapted from "False Greatness" by Isaac Watts 

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