Wednesday, June 8, 2011


kekeke, just before we went to Johore & Singapore trip recently, me,my mom,my dad & my lil bro went to a football match. We were there a liiiiiittle bit way to early. Bought tickets at 10am and the match was at 8.30pm. So we figured out,we'd be wandering around the town waiting for the time for game to start. When suddenly my mom! yes my mom,eyed this furniture shop that are on sale!! We went in and checked it out and tadaaaa!! That day, new seat for our living room!!

Well, the idea of the new set of sofa came from the changing of the curtain. Last 2009 when our family went to Syria, we bought this beautiful-stunning curtain cloth, and it's never been sewed into curtain,until last fortnight that mom decided to. And our sofa set also already too old and some of the seat are not safe to be seated anymore. After little discussion ( one can't discuss tooo much, it's on sale!!), we bought it. You'll be in deep shock to know its price, hahahahahahahaha.
that's right.Always OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE when there's a sale! Who know, a new sofa awaited you at cheap price. (^__~)v

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