Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beads and sequins ~

 It's my new project for now. Beads and sequins. Last month, my mum and I had discussed about our 'Baju Raya' and i suggested to her, why don't we have pink theme for this year? or at least we should have one pinkish outfit? Now that the Baju Raya is ready, we kinda think that it's a bit tad too boring, and mom really suggested me to sew the beads and sequins onto our Baju Raya. Well, well, after much deliberation, I agreed to it, as I didn't have anything on my plate either,now that it's semester break.

This is the pattern that my sister requested for her Baju Raya. Lucky it's not too complicated. Here's the example:

And here's what I've done to her outfit. Hope that she will love it.

And shall be ready for Mom's too. She told me earlier, that she want some more complicated design.

p/s:Gonna start to look out for the design & pattern that I want for my Baju Raya too. >_<

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  1. awkkkkk...x sangka cempedak jd ado kaitan ko..hehe..anyway pndai la awk jht manik 2..nati tlg jht ko sy etek..xpn ajar sy deh...hehehe


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