Friday, June 10, 2011

Local Act

Hello, for all this while, all I've been blogging never really include the local music scene of Malaysia. I figure it's such a waste for me not doing so, and today, here you go,MALAYSIA LOCAL MUSIC SCENE! Although I really-madly love Kpop,it never stop me from listening to good music from my beloved country as well. Actually, I listen to any language,as long as it is good music. Also I never limit myself for certain genres only, like I said, as long as it is good music,I will listen to it. ^^

Artists or singers in Malaysia are like heaven and earth compared to Kpop artists. Here, artists are not being idolized like they do in South Korea. More of here,they struggle to make good music and be recognized for it. Nothing more or less. It's really all about music or as I thought only. Well, whatsoever. So,it's kinda making me frustrated when our local music company started to come up with new group with so called 'Kpop concept'. Trololololol, is there such thing as Kpop concept? What a shame, as I thought our music industry are doing quite well for all these long.

Here's some of the artists/singer that I really like. Aizat Amdan, he used to be one of the top contestant for 'Akademi Fantasia' before he's being kicked out because of his image. Yeah,he used to be fat (while on the show).Here's his last performance on the show,HERE. He dropped of the pounds and return and literally been shaking the music industry ever since. He composes his own songs, he produces his own albums, and he pretty much do everything by himself with the support from his family. Some of his songs,
Sungai Lui (he uses angklung in this song,a traditional musical instrument),

Another artist is a group called 'HUJAN'! This group coming from a very strong indie roots. They're quite something during their underground time.I really like them! Though I'm not really sure their status now either still an Indie band or not, but they're the IT group that bring the Indie music to mainstream. Their songs:
Kotarayaku ft Altimet,
Kurnia ft Mizz Nina,etc

Now moving on to another talented artist. Yuna! At the beginning of her career, I admit, I didn't like her as much, because I think she was overrated. People didn't say much about her songs/her talent but rather about her image/(I don't even know why). But now, songs after songs,I like her.She wrote/compose her songs by herself. Very much talented girl. And now, she's trying her luck in the US,signed under Fader Label, I'm quite rooting for her. Her songs: Dan Sebenarnya,
She also has her very own little tv show,

So there you have it. Actually there's still much more to share but I'm just too tired now. Am not feeling very well, maybe due to the weather, it's like crazy hot here during the day and it's raining cat & dog on the evening. My throat been hurting so much this few days :(

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