Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take Korea! ~Plan

We ( me & my sis) are planning to take Korea next year! We've bought the Inch-KL tickets but still undecided about the KL-Incheon tickets. As crazy as it may sound, yeah, we booked our one way from South Korea tickets. This is like a farewell trip for my sister whose going to enter college next year. Only the two of us.[omoooo, time sure flies as fast as lightning T_T ]

We're yet to book our tickets to Seoul and we're still undecided on how many days should we spend there? We want to travel & experience SK like the locals. And yes, we're on a very TIGHT-SHOE-STRING budget~We're both students. And that's why I have decided to add some advertisements on my blog. Please Click for me ya ^^

I'm gonna be free only after 25th Jan, prior to that,I still have classes and finals. By the way, our already purchased tickets are on 2nd of March. kekeke

So, a MONTH will do? or FORTNIGHT? 10 days? a week?

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