Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is my 100 entry for the year of 2011.
I never thought that I'd be posting so many.
Before this, I only updated my blog like once in a while,
sometime,once a month.
But after getting to know some of fellow bloggers like Paula and the fellow Noonies,
and some friends,
somehow, even though no one is reading my blog or whatsoever,
I got the urge to update my blog.
I will be thinking of what to write about
and what to share about on my blog.
And usually when I'm doing something that I consider interesting,
my reader(is there any?) will come to mind,
I wanted to share so much with you.^^
Even though,I never really got to know my reader,
seeing the feedjit at the right side of the blog makes me happy.
Sometimes there'll be reader from a place that I never ever heard of before.
I'm just happy by that.
Another thing is that, it's a very positive aspect that I get to use English and practice it here.
I admit my grammar sucks!
It's too difficult for me.
I just wrote what I want.
Like i wrote on my profile,
this blog is for me to share the thing that I'd like to share only.
I am not obligated to wrote about only Kpop
or only personal stuff,
and I'm always trying my best not to make my blog a ranting or emotional blog.

But still,I'm just a human being,
there's time when I rant too.
Somehow, knowing somebody might be reading this,
and might as well going through difficult time like I do,
really lift the burden off me,
of course not 100% but even 0.05% will do.
Thank you!

So, here's the situation,
I'm now on my 3months semester break after 6months of practical training.
No longer I need to do the morning driving (i hope so),
even though it might sounds exciting,
well, after a week now, IT IS NOT!
:( I am bored already.
What shall i do?
job?part-timer?online job?
*I need to make money as I have some backpacking to do next year!*

p/s: At least i know Min might be reading this. ^^ thanks

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