Sunday, June 27, 2010

it's the World Cup season!!!

the Jo'Bulani/Jabulani that i found in Beijing,China.just outside the Adidas store.

---> lets,shall we!

WC dtg laaagi!!!! sokong pasukan mana thun ni?
Argentina? Brazil? Portugal? what's ur team?
i was rooting for South Korea before,
& they did made it to top 16,
but then they lost to Uruguay last night with the score 2:1
gaaaah,i'm so sad for my Taegeuk warriors,
the played really well,they fought till the end,
i'm so proud of them,
but there's no luck last night.
they got so many chances & missed so many as well..

hope to see,SOUTH KOREA do better in the next 2014 WC.
but then,there'll be no more Park Ji Sung or Cha Du ri I guess..
Jisung will be retires next year, Duri will be 34 by next WC.
maybe that's why Duri cried so hard after they lost,
it's so heartbreaking to see him crying.

~After the final whistle blew, defender Cha Du-ri fell to the ground and burst into tears.

"I cried wondering if I would be able to return to such a large event," the 30 year-old said. "I believe we can produce much better results four years from now, but I think this match could be the last for me." []

the game must go on, i'll be cheering on the next Asia representative,Japan!

p/s: North Korea team played well too against Brazil. they actually score a goal,which is unbelievable! the commentator said: OH,THEY MADE IT INTO THE BRAZIL'S GOAL,THE ALMIGHTY BRAZIL.well, i guess,not so mighty afterall..hahaha.btw,NK team also deserved an applause!

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  1. owh,i look awful there. i swear,i definitely had shed a few pounds and fitter than me in that pic! *bummer*


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